Week 7: 5

I attended the Mathchat, Monday 8/23 @ 3:30p  EST
Subject: Technology in the Classroom

Moderator asked a couple of questions:  What are your favorite uses of technology and what is indispensible?

The answers were: the pc/lap top, the internet, projection equipment,  and Interactive white board.

It turns out calculator training is mandatory in the UK.

Many excellent internet references were offered during the chat:

Equation Editors


This is a nice equation editor.

Here are examples:     http://mathcast.sourceforge.net/examples.html
from microsoft http://bit.ly/c8p7p2
Equation editor add-on for Word

Resource for Math Ed. on  iPods – home

Online for SMART board applications (you don’t need an IWB):
http://express.smarttech.com                                   (http://bit.ly/WvTxn)

List of web references including Helpful Math Online Tools (upper left column):
This is the site of one of the participants
http://cybraryman.com/mathreference.html         (http://bit.ly/1PAeOz)

Instruction for the calc
A diagram of the keys of a Casio calculator:

This link was from a Czech participant:
http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=7232         (http://goo.gl/HlcN)

The International Slide Rule Museum

2nd grade- online apps for iwb:
http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=20250     (http://goo.gl/PBsf)


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