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A visit to the PLN ning

Today I joined the site for educators,  I enjoyed the site.  The site contains videos, blogs, discussion forums, Social Media Information, and links to educational and tutorial sites.  The tutorials and social media info could be really useful for … Continue reading

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Review: “A Local Linearity Approach”, by Teague

This is a short review of “A Local Linearity Approach to Calculus” by Dan Teague.  The article is available for download at: I enjoyed reading this 8 page paper.  The author discusses an approach to teaching calculus by using … Continue reading

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Wolfram | Alpha query engine

Wolfram Alpha is a math query engine, designed by the maker of Mathematica, the high powered computer algebra that does some nifty things such as solving advanced math equations and rendering 3D plots and doing derivatives and integrals. You can … Continue reading

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Linearity Research Project

Applied Math Linearity Research Project Subject:  Calculus, Statistics, or Applied Math Level:  Advanced Objectives:  To develop research and independent problem solving skills. Students will establish ground facts, then form an opinion which is supported by argument and research. Materials:  Computers … Continue reading

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Mathchat 7/26/10 — Making Maths Real

I followed along the mathchat on Monday 7/26.  The topic was: How can we make classroom mathematics more real?  There were approximately 5 active participants.  Here are some notes: One participant raised the question: Is real concrete or authentic?The following … Continue reading

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Lesson Plan Critique

I critiqued a lesson plan found at the following address: My review starts with a synopsis, then a critique. Finally, I’ve copied the full plan at the end of the review. Title – Solving Linear Equations – Review Game … Continue reading

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Research on Bloom’s Taxonomy

After some reviewing of articles on Bloom’s Taxonomy, I came to the opinion that the taxonomy is a tool, not a rule.  In one article, “Bloom’s Taxonomy in Developing Assessment Items”, the researcher found the taxonomy was a useful tool … Continue reading

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